Does Rent the Runway charge tax on rentals and purchases?

State and local taxes, if applicable, will be added to the sales or rental price of your order. RTR is registered to collect tax in all states and the District of Columbia. RTR determines whether sales, rental or similar taxes are applicable to an order based on tax requirements in the state and/or locality to which the order is shipped or where you pick it up. The amount of tax charged on your order will depend on factors including the type of item(s) rented or purchased and the price of the item(s) in an order. If changes are made to your order, including an updated shipping or pick-up location, or if the tax rates in the applicable jurisdictions have changed at the time of the change to the order, the tax we charge may also change. No sales tax is charged when purchasing gift cards, but rentals or purchases made through the use of  gift cards may be subject to tax.

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