What if my order is affected by Winter Storm Grayson?

There’s a snowstorm that is hitting the East Coast on 1/4. We worked to ship out orders early, but there’s a possibility your delivery may be affected. We know your event is important and we have options.

The storm may delay orders scheduled for delivery on 1/4 or 1/5. Weather conditions will primarily affect deliveries in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast.

Is your order affected?

Please be sure to monitor your order status via your tracking number.

When is your event?

If you have not received your order by 1/5, you may head into a store location to select replacements.

If your event is Saturday or Sunday- don’t fret, your order should make it in time. If not, we will be back up and running and can ship a new order free of charge, for delivery on 1/6.

Are you near a retail store?

Store Closings: Our NYC store will close early on 1/4. All other locations will be maintain normal operating hours.

If you haven’t received your order by 1/5, don’t panic, you may go into a store to get a replacement at that time.

Manhattan same day orders:

There's a possibility that your order may be impacted by the storm and will not get delivered until 1/5. Feel free to contact us with questions.


If your rental end-date is 1/4 and you are located in an affected region, you may return your order to UPS on 1/5 without penalty. Please email our collections department if you expect a delayed return.

Still have more questions?

Chat, email, or give us a call for assistance. Your event is our priority and we will do everything we can to ensure you have what you need.


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