How does Rent the Runway work?

There are two ways to rent: Rent for a specific date or subscribe to Unlimited. 

To rent for a specific date:

1. Find It: Filter by color, length, trend and more to find the best look. We have thousands of dresses from 250+ designers.

2. Reserve It: Choose a delivery and return date, and rent for 4 or 8 days. Add a backup size for free and you can also add a different dress for $32.50.

3. Receive It: The dress will be delivered via UPS or courier service (available for Manhattan addresses below 125th Street) to your home, office or hotel by 8pm on your delivery date.

4. Return It: Returns are free! Place items in the provided packaging (which includes a pre-paid label). Take the packaging to a UPS drop box or RTR store by 12pm on your rental return date. We’ll handle the dry cleaning.

To rent through Unlimited:

1. Subscribe to Unlimited: Sign up to get designer dresses, accessories, tops, skirts and more. 

2. Select 3 items and keep as long as you want: Once you sign up, choose your first three items. When you receive them, you control how long you keep each piece. Shipping and insurance are included. 

3. Exchange anytime: Send 1, 2, or 3 items back and select the same number for your next shipment. We handle the dry cleaning. Cancel anytime. 

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