Common Terms and Definitions



Delivery Date/ Rental Start Date

When your dress is guaranteed to arrive. Should be 1-2 days prior to event date.

Return Date

When your rental needs to be shipped back via UPS


$5 for dresses, $3 for accessories — covers any minor wear and tear


Stylists who can help with everything from questions about fit to order adjustments.

Free backup size

We offer a free second size with one dress in each order to encourage the best fit.

Backup style

When you add two dress styles to your cart for the same rental start date,

the lower-priced style will automatically discount to $32.50.


The length of time you have your order. It can be either 4 or 8 days.

Merchandise Credits

RTR credits that will never expire and can be used toward anything on the site


A place for you to save your favorite dresses for specific events

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