Why is Unlimited $139/month?

Unlimited gives you access to 3 designer pieces at a time (you can choose from our selection of thousands of items). You can swap items for new ones as often as you like. We built the program to maximize your options — you can transform what you already own with new trends and dress for all the occasions in your life (from work to weekend).

We've found that the average customer gets more than $1000 worth of items per shipment, and she swaps them several times a month. So the average customer receives about $30,000 worth of designer clothing per year from her Unlimited subscription, with some customers receiving close to $50,000 a year. Since a subscription costs $1668 per year, that makes it about 5% of the value you'll receive.

Why do we price the program at $139? We want Unlimited to be a transformative part of millions of women's lives, just like a subscription to Netflix or Spotify. To do this and make the business sustainable, the subscription price has to cover our costs of buying the inventory, shipping it, dry cleaning it, storing it, etc. We are dedicated to building a program that you love and will continue to be transparent whenever we add additional features that are important to you.

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