How is Rent the Runway environmentally friendly?

Every rental is one less dress that sits in a closet never to be worn again. Each time you rent, you’re helping to conserve all of the resources that go into producing a single piece of clothing, from the materials to the energy that powers factories. Renting, at its very essence, is recycling.

The making of a dress is just the beginning. Renting is a conscious decision to invest in the real thing, not the knockoff. Today’s fast fashion (we’re not going to name names…) is literally made to fall apart as a means to drive frequent sales. Every season, clothes are thrown out and new ones are purchased, only for the cycle to repeat itself. Renting high-quality designer pieces (that can be worn for years) helps decrease the 11 million tons of textile waste the U.S. produces every year.

Sustainability goes beyond the dresses on our website. We take an eco-friendly approach to shipping and packaging too. In 2015, we traded our plastic mailing bags, cardboard boxes, and vinyl garment bags for reusable carrying cases. That’s converting three pieces of packaging into just one—saving approximately 287 tons of waste from landfills in a year. Not to mention, the carrying cases are incredibly chic, if we do say so ourselves.

Every day at our offices, we continue to challenge ourselves to develop innovative solutions to ensure that Rent the Runway will always be on the cutting-edge of fashion and sustainability.

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