How do I return my order?

​If you received your order in a blue carrying case:

1. Place the clothes in the bottom of the case’s main compartment (the hangers are yours to keep). Put accessories in their original packaging and place them in the accessory pockets. We handle the dry cleaning.

2. Tear the UPS return slip off this card and insert it face-up into the outside pocket. Missing your return slip? Email and we can send you a new one to print off.

3. Tuck the handles inside the case. Fold it back to its original shape and zip closed. Thread the lock through the zippers. NOTE: The lock can only be used once, so don’t fasten it until you’re ready to ship your items.

4. Visit a UPS drop box and place the entire case inside. No box required.


If you received your order in a box:

Pack your order: Place accessories in their matching bar-coded packaging and put them and any clothing in the provided pre-paid envelope(s).The hangers are yours to keep, and we handle the dry cleaning.

Return your order: Drop off the return envelope(s) at your nearest UPS drop box.

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