Finding the Perfect Dress

  • What if the dresses I order don't fit?

    If this happens, we can help. Choose one of the following options:

    Option 1: We'll help you find another dress

    If you call before 7pm EST, we can overnight you another dress in time for your event. Email us and we'll ship you an available style for $12.95. Or if you live near one of our stores, you can swap your original dress for another style, no appointment necessary. If the style you select is more expensive, you will be charged the difference in price. If the style is less expensive, you will be given a merchandise credit for the difference in price.

    Option 2: We'll give you a credit​

    We’re happy to give you a Rent the Runway credit (less the cost of shipping, accessories and saleable items) if none of the dresses in your order fit.

    To receive a credit, go to the “Orders” section of your Rent the Runway account and fill out our Return for Fit Request form. Use the provided packaging (which includes a pre-paid label) and return everything to us within 24 hours of receiving it. Credits do not expire, but we do not issue partial credits or credits for accessories or intimates.

  • What are a second style and back-up size?

    When you add two dress styles to your cart for the same rental delivery date, the lower priced style will automatically discount to $32.50 for 4-day rentals and $52 for 8-day rentals. We allow one free back up size per order, so choose which of your styles you prefer to have that second option.

  • How do I keep track of the styles I like?

    See a dress or accessory you love? Click on the small heart to the right of the item. This saves your favorites so that you can easily compare and find dresses/accessories at a later date. If you want to keep track of specific looks for a special event, make a shortlist.

    A shortlist is a way of organizing your hearts by event. Want to keep track of your favorite sequined dresses for your birthday party? Click the heart next to an item you love, and you’ll be prompted to create a shortlist. Click “create new shortlist” and follow the easy instructions. Then the next time you heart something, you’ll see the option to add it to whichever shortlist you choose.

Stylist Tips & Tricks

  • What if I am having trouble with the zipper?

    Because our items undergo constant dry-cleaning, the zipper may become a bit tough to zip. If this happens, try using a bar of solid soap or a solid candle on the track, which may help you zip your dress with more ease.

  • Can I tailor my dress?
  • What undergarments and fashion solutions do you recommend?

    Find fit and measurement details on the "Size and Fit" tab of each dress page. We list recommended undergarments, and if needed, you can purchase them through our site.

    If you need additional assistance, reach out to a Stylist by emailing

  • Common Terms and Definitions



    Delivery Date/ Rental Start Date

    When your dress is guaranteed to arrive. Should be 1-2 days prior to event date.

    Return Date

    When your rental needs to be shipped back via UPS


    $5 for dresses, $3 for accessories — covers any minor wear and tear


    Stylists who can help with everything from questions about fit to order adjustments.

    Free backup size

    We offer a free second size with one dress in each order to encourage the best fit.

    Backup style

    When you add two dress styles to your cart for the same rental start date,

    the lower-priced style will automatically discount to $32.50.


    The length of time you have your order. It can be either 4 or 8 days.

    Merchandise Credits

    RTR credits that will never expire and can be used toward anything on the site


    A place for you to save your favorite dresses for specific events

  • How do I choose the perfect dress?

    If you know exactly what you want: Use our search filters to help you narrow down your choices by trend, color, body type, designer and more. Click here to get started!

    Can’t decide and need styling advice: Email a stylist. They’re experienced stylists, and have tried on all of our dresses. 

    Love a style but need more info: Find fit and measurement details on the "Size and Fit" tab of each dress page.


  • Does RTR rent maternity clothes?

    Yes. Rent the Runway has a selection of maternity styles as well as non-maternity styles that have been tested and approved as “bump-friendly”.  If an item has the word “Maternity” in the style name, this means that it is a true maternity style.  To browse the RTR maternity collection, visit

  • Does RTR have a maternity subscription?

    You can access our maternity collection through any of our rental programs - RTR Reserve (4 and 8 day rentals), RTR Update, or RTR Unlimited.  All three programs are a great way to rent the latest maternity styles.  As a maternity customer, you have access to complimentary style and fit advice from our maternity specialists.  Reach out to a maternity specialist today by emailing

  • How does maternity sizing work?

    If an item has the word “Maternity” in the style name, this means that it is a true maternity style.  You can use your pre-pregnancy size in these items.  Other styles that are found within our maternity collection are not made for maternity but have certain characteristics that work for expectant women.  You should increase your size by one or two sizes, depending on your trimester and how other clothes are fitting. If you have questions about size or fit, you can reach out to our maternity specialists at

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